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A full range of criminal and civil investigative services are available through the professional investigators at Opsolv, including but not limited to interviews, scene investigation, photographs, video, locates, process service, and background checks. Many court cases can be handled outside the courtroom with due diligence information gathering.

Professional, realistic and safe firearms training for private citizens and professionals. Course offerings are customizable and cover a wide variety of topics and subject matter. Real world training is provided by a firearms instructor with over 18 years of law enforcement, special operations, security and investigative experience.

Professional, relevant training and consultation designed to enhance awareness and prepare you to recognize potential hazards. The instruction will provide you with tools to de-escalate, avoid, and intervene in critical incidents to maximize the safety and security of you whether you are at home, work, or your faith based organization.

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Today’s society is filled with unique and unpredictable challenges that can threaten the safety and security of everything from you and your family to your business and clients. Opsolv provides you with real world reliable investigative services, education, and training to better prepare you to deal with the challenges you may face in your personal and professional life. Opsolv is a Colorado based company providing services to the Denver Metropolitan area and the Founder/Owner Stason Ikenouye is a private investigator and professional instructor with over 20 years of law enforcement, special operations, security, investigative and instructional experience. Stason is a certified firearms instructor. He served as a SWAT Operator, Police Detective, County Critical Incident Response Team Detective, Field Evidence Technician, School Resource Officer, and a Field Training Officer. Stason has also served as a Security Supervisor for a United States Military installation and was responsible for the physical security of the premises and personnel. He currently serves as a lead on his church’s safety team.

Stason is the winner of the 2011 CPPA Law Enforcement Shooting Competition, recipient of a Lifesaving award during a methamphetamine lab investigation, Unit Citation for investigative efforts during a shooting investigation, and an award of Valor for disregarding personal safety and entering a burning building and carrying an unconscious victim to safety. His unique skill set, education and training have provided him with a wide base expertise which is drawn on to provide you with professional, courteous, relevant training, investigative and legal services.

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