As a firearms instructor and former police officer I am asked regularly about what the best weapon, or the best fighting technique to keep you safe.  Now more than ever in our recent history people are concerned about their safety and the safety of their families.  Increased reporting to authorities, dramatic media coverage and 24/7 access to instant information has made society hyper sensitive to the atrocities in our society.  With all of  the available information we sorely lack credible safety strategy from the mainstream media.


Safety begins with you.

Safety begins and ends with you.  Your safety is affected by everything you do from the way you carry yourself to the places you walk and the thing you carry.  Protect yourself by being aware.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Be aware of the people around you.  Be aware of where your entrance and egress points are.  Watch the areas where threats may come from and always give yourself a reactionary gap.  All of this is what is called situational awareness.  Good situational awareness can keep you out of trouble by keeping you away from trouble.


Think about the what ifs.

Look at the successful people around you.  How did they get to be successful?  What does Seal Team 6, Steve Jobs, and the Baltimore Ravens have in common?  All of them had a plan before they started which helped them to be successful.  That is what the what if game is all about.  Think of  a scenario and how you would respond to it.  What if this person tried to rob me, what would I do?  By thinking about these things you start to develop a response that decreases your reaction time to stressful situations.  Pre-planning your responses gives you a tactical advantage and reduces the fog of stress you feel in a critical incident.


What is the best weapon and fighting technique?

The best weapon everyone possesses is their brain.  The best fighting technique is the ability to use your brain to give you a tactical advantage.  Firearms, knives, bats, and fighting styles are nothing more than tools.  Before you add tools to your safety repertoire you need to make sure that you have the right mindset and the ability to think through your situation before you act.  The most powerful weapon you can bring to any situation is your brain.