Colorado’s PI Licensing Debate

What is Colorado’s Pi licensing debate? Most of us have been the victim of something.  You may have been the victim of violence.  You may have been the victim of a theft.  You may even have been the victim of bullying.  Being victimized is horrible, it gives you a sense of vulnerability and a feeling […]

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Know your investigator

When you ask the average citizen what they think a private investigator does you will often hear references to Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, Castle and the new Sherlock Holmes.  While all of those make for entertaining television shows the reality of what happens can be much darker.  Private investigators just like any profession has […]

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Should Professional Investigators be Licensed?

What does licensing mean? A license is defined as formal permission from a governmental or other constituted authority to do something, as to conduct some business or profession. Think about it, licensing is required in one form or another for a multitude of things we encounter in our daily lives. You are issued a driver’s […]

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Aerial Eyes

Do you know who is watching you?
Today we went shopping for a new phone for my wife and as soon as we walked in the door this little item caught my eye. This is a flying drone equipped with an HD camera. With something like this on the market it raises the question of who […]

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