Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  If any of you have ever thrown a baseball, rolled a bowling ball, or played a game of putt putt golf, then you know how important follow through is.  If you have ever had a guidance counselor, boss or supervisor that has pushed you to do more or be more, then you know how important follow through is.  Follow through is the end of an action and the set up for additional action, that is why proper follow through is so important.


How does it apply to shooting?

You have built your shot by focusing on the fundamentals.  What happens after the shot is just as important as everything that lead up to it.  How you follow through after the shot determines how well you set yourself up for subsequent shots.  Proper follow through affects accuracy because it keeps you from trying to see where your last shot hit.  When you move your weapon to see where you hit on the target you have to reacquire your sight alignment and sight picture.  If you are following the safety rules your finger must of come off of the trigger as well.  When you have to reset all of these fundamentals it slows your subsequent shots and adds a variable to shooting that introduces opportunities for error.

What is proper follow through?

Lets pick this up where your sights are on target.  As you look through your sights and see your target, your finger applies smooth constant pressure to trigger until the gun goes off.  You feel the recoil being dispersed through your arms and your shot is sent down range.  What happens next is the follow through.  First, after the recoil your sights should return to the same place where you had your last sight picture.  Second, your finger should not lose contact with the trigger.  Once you have taken the shot hold the trigger back and slowly move your finger forward just until you feel the trigger reset.  This puts you in position to take subsequent shots without having to reset your fundamentals.  This also keeps you focused on your threat and allows you to assess the situation while still being ready to act.


Bring it all together.

Follow through is the last of the seven fundamentals.  Each fundamental is crucial to your speed and accuracy.  You started with your grip, perfected your stance, got your sight alignment, saw your sight picture, used good trigger control, focused on breath control, and set up your next shot with good follow through.  As your shooting skill improves and your accuracy gets dialed in remember to challenge yourself.  Stay focused on the fundamentals, but always challenger yourself.