Shooting Fundamentals – Breath Control

Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  Breath control is something we all do even without thinking about it.  When you are suddenly startled you gasp.  When you exercise you breath rapidly to increase your oxygen […]

Shooting Fundamentals – Trigger Control

Good Shooting starts with good fundamentals.  Of the seven fundamentals two are crucial for accuracy.  The first is sight alignment and the second is trigger control.  Proper trigger control can mean the difference between a […]

Shooting Fundamentals – Sight Picture

Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  Shooting skill comes with practice and focus.  Focus is what sight picture is all about.  Once you have your grip, stance, and sight alignment you’re ready to see where […]

Shooting Fundamentals – Sight Alignment

Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  Sight alignment is one of the most important fundamentals to master.  All of the fundamentals need to work together like a well oiled machine in order to perfect your […]

Shooting Fundamentals – The Stance

Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  This is a phrase you will hear me say over and over because it is absolutely true.  As we continue talking about shooting fundamentals our focus shifts to the […]

Shooting Fundamentals – The Grip

Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  Any good shooter will tell you that they did not become a good shooter by chance or sloppy luck.  Good shooters are not born, they are built from the […]

Don’t Harass the Professional Process Server

Anyone who has served process for any amount of time has most assuredly had a run in with someone who wanted to harm them.  With every encounter something is learned, whether it is tactical, procedural […]

Do You Control Your Safety?

Most of us in business have heard the adage “The customer is always right.” That does not always hold true, especially when you are in the thick of being accosted by an upset customer. Situations […]

New Year Special – Concealed Carry Class for $100

Give the gift of security this year! This class will take you beyond the basics of what is required with live fire exercises and realistic scenarios. Purchase one for yourself or as a gift and take the class by June […]

Connecticut Tragedy

Once again, our fellow Americans have been forced to endure a tragedy far beyond what anyone could imagine. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families and victims of the Newtown school massacre. We will […]