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Christmas Special – Concealed Carry Class for $100

Give the gift of security this year! This class will take you beyond the basics of what is required with live fire exercises and realistic scenarios. Purchase one for yourself or as a gift and take the class by June 1, 2013. Every attempt to schedule classes at your convenience is made. Certificates are non-refundable. Don’t miss out on this […]

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Holiday Safety Tips

Everyone one knows that this is the season of giving. For some sordid individuals, this is the season of taking. These less than desirable folks aim to ruin your holiday by taking your gifts, your cars, and your identity. They ultimately replace your joyous season with sadness and loss. This year, take some steps to […]

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Online Concealed Weapons

Are online concealed weapons classes a good idea?
I have seen a lot of advertisements for online concealed weapons classes lately. You know the ones. They are the classes that promise you your certification in an hour or two with no live fire or instructor interaction. I know that with technology all around us, being able […]

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Is Concealed Carry for Me?

In light of recent events such as the tragedy in Aurora, more and more people are asking about concealed weapons and how they can obtain their concealed weapons permit.  Safety is paramount and today the populous questions just how safe they are.  Gun control activists seek to limit access to guns and ban them from […]

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Should Professional Investigators be Licensed?

What does licensing mean? A license is defined as formal permission from a governmental or other constituted authority to do something, as to conduct some business or profession. Think about it, licensing is required in one form or another for a multitude of things we encounter in our daily lives. You are issued a driver’s […]

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Aerial Eyes

Do you know who is watching you?
Today we went shopping for a new phone for my wife and as soon as we walked in the door this little item caught my eye. This is a flying drone equipped with an HD camera. With something like this on the market it raises the question of who […]

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What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is dedicated to supporting your safety and defense through professional investigation, efficient legal services, and training and consulting. This blog will focus on current issues, tips, and concepts to enhance awareness and current best practice philosophy.

What is Professional Investigation?
Professional investigation starts with experience and a dedication to perform the job ethically and legally. Professional […]

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