gun-171309_1920-300x200I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of Western movies.  Give me a good spaghetti Western and I am set.  There is something about squaring up to someone at high noon in the middle of a dusty tumbleweed infested street for a showdown that gets your adrenalin going.  Next the bad guy draws, but the good guy is amazingly swift and clears leather and lets a shot rip that puts the bad guy down.  This his your typical Hollywood shootout, that looks good in the movie but it is not practical for real world gunfights.  If the movies and television have taught you about gunfights then you need to ask yourself if you are ready for a gunfight.

Learn what not to do from the movies.

Movie gunfights are entertaining and show you a lot of things that could get you killed in a real gunfight.  Being macho and squaring off to your opponent is probably not the best idea.  Proving that you are fearless by standing still as someone shoots at you is another of those fatal flaws that doesn’t work really well in a gunfight.  If you become involved in a fair fight, leave.  There is nothing more dangerous for you than a fair fight.  Movie magic makes these gunfights look spectacular and cool.  Think about Neo in the Matrix as he miraculously dodges the bullets fired by an agent.  The special effects look really cool, but the practicality of the matter is that it is nothing more than an optical illusion.

Remember to keep moving.

For those of you that shoot often I have a simple question for you.  Is it easier to shoot a moving or stationary target?  Stationary targets are much easier to hit.  Make yourself as difficult to hit as possible.  Utilize your angles and make yourself small until it is too late for your opponent to know what hit them.  Take the high ground when you can and always look for a safe avenue to break contact.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to use my weapon unless it is absolutely necessary.

Teach yourself to think like a gunfighter.

Now is the time to unlearn the things that you have learned.  Most of us have put thousands of rounds down range and have become proficient with our firearms. The downfall to the way most of us have learned how to shoot is that we learned on a linear firing range where the only threat was from down range.  We live in a 360° world and threats can come from anywhere.  Stop thinking linear and start thinking spherical.

Now is the time to change your training routine.

As we move forward in our discussions we will look at different training techniques to help you become more proficient.  We cover analytical thinking and tactical movement to help give you that edge you need to survive in a life and death conflict.  We will also cover situational awareness so that you start thinking about your environment and how to utilize it to your advantage.  Feel free to add your comments, questions, stories and training tips.  Until then keep your eyes open and your weapon ready.